Shirley Manson Doesn't Give a Shit About Being Popular


I mean i guess oh my malcontents can't walk around the school but i wouldn't be surprised at some places were doing that shit i don't know man i just don't understand why people feel the answer to school shootings or mass shootings is to have more guns i just feel like you want to get a handgun for protection go crazy get get a handgun but there's literally no reason for you'd have an ak forty seven now skeletonlike like one contacting yourself dellagha 38 mcgee that should on your bed here because at least then like a handgun you can't kill like thirty people unless they were all asleep at a remain asleep when you're shooting the gun i gotta you know but i don't understand like these look why why do we have two cell phones to people and it tracy because the people that are saying we don't want those guns are saying we hey we just don't want a rv teens on the street that you can go and purchased lighter keep your handguns but then the other people are like they want their taking all of our guns they wanna take all of our guns first day rv teens then it's going to be our handguns like it's it's not the case and they're not saying they're gonna take the they need more reform like they need more control on this stuff like it i feel like the best way to do it is i don't take any one's gone whereas your gun keep your gun now but then you just can't from now on cell these fucking automatic weapons like just give people and guns because they understand all i also understand the other side where people are like if we have no guns that we have no we can't fight against the government at all new enemy but see that's.

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