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Ones who get it done more than twenty nine hundred athletes from ninety two countries will compete for a hundred two medals over the next sixteen days the 2018 yungchiang winter olympics officially kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony which included the lighting of the olympic cauldron two hundred forty two americans marched in the parade of nations including 17yearold american snowboarder chloe kim who has some real roots in south korea it's so colby hair my parents irrigated from head america back in the day so just competing on my first olympics in a country where my parents came from is it's pretty insane kim met the qualification criteria for so g but at just thirteen years old she was too young to compete so shall be making her olympic debut in pyong chang on day three with his update on the 2018 olympics i'm erica herskowits westwood one sports when you run a growing business there were a lot of hats the i ordered the mr fix that hat the it's to curb because they handled it yesterday my favorite my i received an order from granger hat a look my best than that one grinders got the products i need and gets me them when i need them no matter what head i'm wearing that day you know what i.

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