NFL institutes rule against lowering head to initiate contact with helmet


The first half that is a look at the richard badgen finley toyota outoftown scoreboard brian panish sports x michelle they will be joining me we'll talk about a lot of different things including touching on some of these rule changes in the nfl the nfl banning lowering of head to initiate contact and you could have not only fines but also guys getting tossed from games not just a penalty call ejections as well so they may even be more strict than what we've seen at college the targeting role and we know that that has been under scrutiny as well because a lot of times there's just no way for a guy to stop in mid action or mid air you know to stop the contact of helmettohelmet but you know what they're not really looking at that so much there were looking at siding on caution of error and you know just trying to make sure that they take care of any potential head injuries it's a it's a big time lawsuit right now of course the nfl going through the settlement with a lot of former players and so they're gonna as you know saddam caution when in doubt you're gonna get flagged and they're gonna show that they're doing their job in their part as far as you know making sure teams practice safely and keep the game on the field as safe as possible to keep the game of football going here in america we take our first break of the evening we come back panish perspective our number two marks you rob richie great show in store for you keep it here on am oh what a great stem the lights for this next one too much there it is got to get things just right.

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