SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket ready for launch debut this week


Naval base san diego home of the us navy's pacific fleet where nazis working with the navy to prepare for the ocean recovery of the orion spacecraft will meet astronaut steven bowen soon first though here's the commanding officer of the uss anchorage captain dennis jacco your boring like thank god most jones cap bowen nap and as a team of priebus is opportunity because teamwork preparation led to the successful execution you are t six spin months implanting the navy ah nasa relationship his god even further back myself personally six years now i haven't been cat nana uses newroz when he did the first shook checks and now i am incredibly happy to be here now actually executing the mission be opd class opd seventeen san antonio class of which uh anchor choose enact last fantastic ships one best built vest design ships navy has and despite the fact that it's designed for mvp soil transport abrines and getting a ma getting their to their objectives it is actually very uniquely suited to the nasa mission as you can see behind me it's got a the wall that the space capsule will come into it also has a very robust medical facilities including two operating rooms to support astronauts when they come back embark aviation capabilities so we can bring our own helicopters that does the later missions become more complex that's gonna be part of the package as well as carrying multiple small boats if fear rudd see the videos there's probably about six seven books that are involved in recovery eight huh 100 racks face for people sleep as well as india about twenty five thousand square feet of.

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