International Women's Day: Demonstrators strike, protest around the world

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Shrivel had once been a double agent for britain before being caught and later freed in a spy swath fresh disclosures today about the investigation of possible russianlinked of the trump campaign the washington post reported there's evidence that a meeting between a trump backer and a russian official before the inauguration aimed to create a back channel with the kremlin and the new york times reported the president has asked two key witnesses about their conversations with investigators meanwhile former trump campaign chair paul manafort pleaded not guilty today to tax evasion bank fraud in federal court in virginia turkey announced plans today for a joint operation with iraqi forces against kurdish rebels in northern iraq it could start after iraq's elections on may twelve the turks are already attacking us backed kurdish fighters in syria the turks say there allied with rebels inside turkey secretary of state rex tillerson declared today the us commitment to africa is clear that's after president trump triggered outrage in january with a slower about african nations today in ethiopia tillerson met with the top african union official who said it's time to move past the uproar i believe that this incident is behind us i believe that the visit today by the us secretary of state tillerson is the proof of the relations between africa and the united state assume this is tillerson's first diplomatic trip to africa hill also stop in chad djibouti ethiopia kenya and nigeria this was international women's day with marches and demonstrations across the world in the philippines hundreds of women clad in pink protested in manila accusing president rodrigue to tear take of violating women's rights spanish women in madrid brought traffic to a standstill during a full day strike against the wage gap and gender violence and in new delhi hundreds marched toward the indian parliament to highlight sexual attacks some carried signs reading don't rape and other slogans the us forest service navient interm chief today in a shakeup over alleged sexual misconduct vicky christianssen is a former firefighter she will succeed tony took he retired yesterday following a our investigation into an alleged culture of sexual harassment and assault at the agency on wall street today the dow jones industrial average gained nearly ninety four points to close at twenty four thousand 895 the.

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