Navajo leader says proposal to rename Utah highway for Trump is an insult


Staff members a full day of clashes with saudi us today at marjorie stone douglas high school in florida a couple of highprofile guest dropping by in hallways where terrorstruck on february fourteen smiles has miami heat start wayne wade signed autographs and posed for pictures school board member roslyn osgood hits province was sell needed as a pot of the therapy that taking place at astle's a day earlier us education secretary betsy devos hill a listening sessions on the campus where seventeen people died last month that's abc's jim ryan the president of the navajo nation says a proposal that would have renamed the utah highway after donald trump was insulting navajo president russell brigade says naming the highway that connects zairan brice canyon an arch is national parks would have been like pouring soldier over an open wound because tribes are suing over trump's decision to downsize the bears ears national monument utah republican state representative mike newell says he's dropping the proposal because he's just getting too many complaints about it check on traffic now here's danny sullivan live from the ktar traffic senator bob i 10 continues to be slow eastbound from seventy five th avenue to about fifty nine th avenue now on i seven team there's an accident southbound near dunlap that hov carpool lane it's still blocked and you're backed up from thunderbird all the way down there's.

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