Florida shooter's brother arrested at school, authorities say


The companies to block their eighty five billion dollar merger and plans to provide some very quote startling statements from both executives about the potential harm to several media industries and reduced compensation that could potentially ensue from the merger experts stating the case has huge ramifications for the future of hollywood and other massive media mergers in an age of consumer disruption the ceo for both at and t and time warner expected to testify the government planning to call executives at rival companies to argue that the transactions going to harm their competitive positions the brother of the accused florida high school shooter is facing a trespassing charge for going onto the campus where his brother opened fire killing seventeen zachary crews brother to nikolas crews allegedly telling arresting officers that he went to marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland to quote reflect on the school shootings and soak it all in he had previously been warned by authorities to stay away from that school and it seems there's a shortage of doritos and cheetos and other frito lay products at small convenience stores in new york city as the problem is being blamed on recent delivery driver pay cuts which prompted many of those drivers to quit leaving not enough trucks to supply all the stores the new.

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