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Kudlow accepts firing mccabe i'm michael toscano economist and tv commentator lawrence kudlow says he's an accepted an offer from president trump to become chief white house economic adviser jeff zeleny has a bit of information about his relationship with the president he's not always been on the same page but he's always been on the president's side he was a key advisor during the presidential campaign when many republicans and conservatives were sort of keeping arm's length kudlow is known as a free trader in opposition to some of trump's protectionist trade policies gary cohen who left the job did so because he doesn't approve of trump's tariffs on imported steel and aluminum you can't retire you're fired laura jarrett reports that's what former fbi director deputy director andrew mccabe may be about to hear days before his formal retirement terminal leave since january when he somewhat abruptly stepped down and he was set to retire this sunday but if he is fiber before he would lose his pension that's the recommendation of an internal investigation into a two thousand sixteen decision mccabe made it allowed fbi officials to speak to reporters about an investigation into the clinton foundation the united nations security council going into emergency session right now to consider action against russia for the poisoning of a former spy on british soil with nerve gas prime minister theresa may has won the backing of france germany the us and other countries as she seeks consequences for russia for the attack that not only left sergei scruple and his daughter in critical condition it also left dozens of civilians and sells berry in need of treatment the russian state was culpable for the attempted murder mr and his daughter the uk is kicking out twentythree russian diplomats in response to the attack steve kastenbaum new york students across the nation walked out of class today to push for stronger gun control laws exactly one month after the massacre at a high school in florida as that was happening the accused shooter was being arraigned on murder charges nicholas cruises lawyer says he'll plead guilty if the death penalty is waived i'm michael toscano from your breaking news station i'm pat allen size of the student walkouts in albuquerque today very quite a bit monica armenta with aps tells us eldorado high school probably had the largest number of students participating she says the.

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