Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman expects Kirk Cousins to officially sign deal by Thursday


Needs to continue if you look at the greatest player they're still adjusting steph adjusting katie we saw him just in the bronx you're fifteen he's adjusting russ is not adjusting so that's the thing that you can hold against him the players who come there with him they have to just the russ's playing i just leave as a superstar he should have more flexibility and build a do more different things and build shoot shoot the the ball ball back of first things first even know that eric mangini was going to be here but on the weather report it said there was going to be a big storm in the north the only reason i knew that air without fail if there is no research to be had eric mangini joins either get into town out of town nickname nor'easter yeah it's no bombs bomb cyclone coach if you're fan of quarterback free agency in the off season the yesterday was your day big names big moves all around kirk cousins probably the biggest sceptre months of speculation as to where he'd end up the former washington quarterback landed in minnesota cousins reportedly will sign a three year eighty four million dollar guaranteed contract with the vikings this would make cousins the highest paid quarterback in the nfl coach i'll start with you kirk cousins make the right call choosing minnesota in the sense that he got everything that betty wanted to get a three year guaranteed deal to become the highest paid quarterback in the.

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