The National School Walkout, reactions


The country students calling for stricter gun laws plan to walk out this morning at ten o'clock in each time zone four week except for the parkland florida high school shooting spree my inclination at this point is to not have my child participate because it's a complicated issue trials at an elementary school in nashville in kuna idaho instead of a walkout they'll be an assembly students so marched through high school halls something is change and we really wanna use that to build unity within our school and to create that change the teacher in california who's also a reserve police officer is on leave after the gun he was using it a firearm safety lesson yesterday went off accidentally falling debris injured three students fox news fair and balanced budget w ipc mobile news all the level on the go they're going to school and then walking out some light snow in flurries on radar twenty two now forty three this afternoon i'm c j miller for the shane company here's what's trending at eight oh to be a one time speak up and it's over you know you have to keep the message going brandon warren a student at warren central high school one of several schools planning a walkout this morning on the one month anniversary of the school shooting in florida are tv sixes nicole griffin is rebuff school nicole does today's student walkout there had the blessing of the principal and other school leaders cleaned with school leaders the school leadership a bath of actually allow these students to create an entire memorial inside so on the wall right now our pictures of victims from mass shootings over the last several years so each student's trying to call for change as well so the administrators here are encouraging these students to speak up into what their voices be heard and students say they're also wearing orange orange today to bring awareness to gun violence and school safety well speaking of school safety a threat found on a note written by twelve year old boy at greenfield intermediate school that boys in custody and could face an intimidation charge his son says he feels no remorse but his dad says he does sorry for the loss officer picket so sorry for the family robert baumgart the father of accused cop killer anthony baumgart who's been charged with killing boone county sheriff's deputy jake picket robert baumgart calling his son a monster the.

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