Saudi Arabia: 7 missiles fired from Yemen


The ntsb says passengers harness may have been the cause of that helicopter crash in new york last week the pilot thanks to harness caught a fuel shutoff valve causing the craft to slam into the water killing the four passengers on board saudi arabia announces that intercepted seven ballistic missiles fired at its capital and other major shady's we get details from wendy kings were fired late on sunday a debut for the third anniversary history of saudi arabia's involvement in the war against a rainy and supported hootie rebels in yemen the hootie align saba news agency reported that many of their airports were also targeted one person addiction national was killed by fragments of the missile fired in the riyadh attack the esscalation in the conflict which clearly targeted civilian populations in saudi arabia could reinforce riyadh's demands to kerr tail the influence of iran in the region for usa radio news i'm wendy king new poll shows americans believe that washington's being controlled by a deep states the majority of respondents believe there are government officials who were never elected or appointed we have too much influence when determining federal policy patrick murray director of the monmouth university polling institute tells us this is true from the respondents of both major political parties we find that a majority of people actually believe it this in government to twenty seven percents it definitely exists in another forty seven percent say that probably exists in government.

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