Facebook stock sinks on FTC investigation and lawsuits


Scenes there's no doubt about that david blake dominy wwl first news us is expelling dozens of russia diplomats in response to the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter the uk several european countries have taken similar actions cbs news correspondent charlie takata reports from london this is the day they the eu european partners especially the united states got on board to what was essentially a problem with britain and russia a bilateral issue has now become an issue that poses russia against the west briton in its allies the ftc is launching a facebook investigation cbs news update the government's opened an investigation into facebook as we hear from cbs's steve dorsey in washington the ftc's acting director confirms an open investigation into facebook's privacy practices however it's not public it comes after the disclosure that data from fifty million users was used to target political ads by cambridge politica facebook could face billions of dollars in fines if the ftc finds it violated at twenty eleven consent decree facebook reached with it according to a report we'll see annette editor dan ackerman says even those on facebook took precautions to guard their info could have fallen victim friend information can be pulled him with that also so you may be part of this data sharing even if you are a very systematic about not allowing anyone access to your facebook information the auto parts retailer pep boys is the latest to suspend its facebook ads and cook county illinois has filed suit against facebook cbs news update i'm steve kaffa ochsner baptist in new orleans now home to mother's milk bank the state's first ever such facility the bank allows mothers to donate milk that will be used to help premature babies grow through a turbulent first period of their life the natal intensive care director harley ginsburg says a premature baby especially needs the vital nutrients that you just can't find at formula doctor at whatever and i see you.

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