Roger Bannister, first runner to break 4-minute mile, dies at 88


Five wbz news time twelve 55 will the president in mainstream media were all smiles last night on top forty at least for one night there was a truce of sorts between president trump and mainstream media he attended one of the annual washington media dinners the grid iron club and avoided terms like fake news choosing instead to make fun of most everything and everybody around him a couple of times even about himself he spoke for about a half an hour joking about things like his soninlaw's troubles would security clearances and his attorney general's recusals tom foty cbs news washington the first runner to break the fourminute mile barca's died we hear the stories from the bbc's joe wilson 25 five anastasiades on the named what roger bannister achieved in 1954 was like a lunarlanding the 20th century scoot bannister though vein and rival greece chataway is in place at a time to take evidence based on the run a mile and stopped the clock before it reached four minutes it 1954 this was a match it could come by daria of human achievement a feat that would redefine what was humanly possible and it would fall to a young medical students to join gough laps brancheau gives way to tack away managed a superb tactician has suffered some criticism in the past but adopting his own rather unorthodox training methods and paying dividends now roger bannister was eighty age wbz news time twelve 56 it is time now for today's edition of car chronicles it's not the latest greatest but it's still gets the job done paul gm ford battle it out the big suv category toyota's sequoia flies just below the radar toyo letting me dry out of the core you're just in time for a big snowstorm and i'm glad to tell you it did the job the sukhoi against.

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