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Little guy voted strikeout order could become bought bought day they already had awfully at thirty five to forty five home runs and drive it honoured run you know what you're getting there there is a hidden myth quality to what deante wilder does and you know unless you really follow boxing closer we know that anthony joshua has a piece of the title deontay wilder you know in american finally get a piece of the title most people have no idea who anthony parker is from new zealand who's got another piece of it and he's fighting anthony joshua coming up later this month does he have any chance at all to win this fight well i i think he's a significant underdog four reason he's gonna come in a little bit lighter than he has the last couple of fights he's pretty athletic above average puncher but i do think when skills are evidence like the are with anthony joshua size matters and the belief here is is an anthony joshua is simply too big and skill the now that he's gonna imposes physicality enough power on parker i expect him to score matorral knocked down that fight and steve look at adam last night i was saying fifty looking at his face for your thing he won choir you are they are quash made a great older thank you he had albert pools so they all want to class other you know hitler fanie list put at thirty eight to his credit i thought he fought very well but you know there's always been that stereotype that a lot of cubans fudge their age but why there has to do with you know the south american countries as it relates to sign a young baseball players each doesn't matter as it relates to bonn seeing especially with heavyweights why would he lied about his age though dave at that that part of it makes sense to me the yep is that we're good days with your embassies works with an embassy fortunately you're gonna love it gives o'clock in can tell you that you do not a segment steve totally day back lucala back in a few minutes and i want to talk to about a there's a potential agresson silver against roy jones jr boksic natche conor mcgregor in floyd a rematch a and besides all the nonsense there i think we are in a.

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