Trump Tower fire victim was avid art collector who spent time with Andy Warhol


Nine term eight six six five oh nine t e r m a fatal fires trucks one of midtown manhattan's most wellknown addresses as chris barnes has details just after five thirty this evening our department received an automatic alarm for a fire in the trump tower that's new york city's fire commissioner discussing the fire that broke out in a fiftieth floor apartment in trump tower it did kill sixty year old todd brass ner an art dealer and friend of the late artist andy warhol six firefighters received minor injuries no members of the first family were in the building at the time and they're still looking into the cause of that blaze for usa radio news i'm chris barnes south carolina senator lindsey graham appeared on abc news this week today and said that although he believes embattled epa administrator scott pruitt has done a good job the spending habits issue quote doesn't look good you're the epa administrator into lobbyists changed the locks you've got.

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