Dozens of students hurt when bus roof sheared off in overpass crash


Taylor white a student at grand canyon university who was jogging with a friend when an suv struck him near thirty first avenue and camelback before taking off white was planning to get married in about two weeks police are looking for white colored suv more than forty people mostly high school students have been heard after a bus crashed on new york's long island police say it happened last night when the bus sheared off after striking overpass on the southern state parkway new york state police major david candelaria says most of the injuries were minor but two passengers were seriously hurt over forty two people injured and we're just lucky that this wasn't a lot worse than how it is the students in chaperons were on the bus returning from a european trip thousands of people turned out for a vigil to honor the victims of friday's deadly bus crash involving a canadian hockey team incest catch on humboldt broncos home arena was overflowing with mourners including canadian prime minister justin trudeau and pastor clinton madness leading the prayers we thank you for the pouring of support from communities across this land which help us to see that we all feel this loss a ring of flowers was placed at center ice and more flowers and pictures of the fifteen people who died line the front of the stage among the victims ten young players and their head coach montereau thera abc news about a woman is accused of feeding her toddler marijuana tempe police detective lilly durant says twenty five year old elena limpert was arrested last week at her home near broadway and mcclintock after hutu year old daughter eight t h c laced macaroni and cheese she did admit to making the macaroni and cheese with thc but claimed it was for her husband and did not realize that her daughter had ingested durant says other drugs and drug paraphernalia were found in the home limpert faces multiple charges all.

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