Stephen Curry exits Warriors win after suffering left MCL sprain



And he said this curry injury helps the warriors biggest competitor in the west where's your level of concern with this latest injury for golden state i mean i look at it in a couple of different ways their their bench is probably one of their weak links right now and they're depth is not there i'm more looking longterm than probably shortterm just based on a possible you know western conference finals with with houston and if curry curry will be healthy by then i think they can get through the first the first two rounds but it is it is high just based on you know it's it's been an ankle you know he signed to this two hundred million dollars contract and he's had a mean there's been a ton of injuries here so we'll wait and see what happens and and go from there but if he's out for an extended period of time i wouldn't be surprised if golden state does something with that roster they have enough big they have possibility to design quinn cook was on a two way contract who's played well for them but that would probably come at the cost of and only caspi one of their bench players am i just looking to positively at the rockets they look like the best team now bobby they look like a team that's going to win an nba title to me do you agree with that am i too high right now on the houston rockets no you're not i think if you would have if you're talking about houston if they if they didn't make any changes from the off season they return the the group that lost in the second round and they're and they're playing at this high level than i would say maybe pump the brakes a little bit based on prior history but i've i've said this team is not the same when you add a chris paul and you had a loop mckay and you add a p j tucker guys that go under the radar you can play so many different lineups you don't have to rely on ryan anderson at the four they are going to have home court throughout the playoffs they will get a if needed a game seven against the golden state in western conference finals including an nba finals no i'm high on to straight talk wireless nationwide coverage and america's largest and.

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