Kaine questions whether Bolton can obtain full security clearance


Sunday march for our lives organizer and high school student cameron caskey pushed back on that fearmongers they want to sell weapons by exploiting people's fears so the second we want to put commonsense regulations on these assault weapons the nra will say they are trying to steal every single one of your guns and people believe them fortunately the majority of the american people see past this vows ends of people gathered at events throughout the country in the world many of them led by students at a gathering in new york city former beatle paul mccartney spoke about the shooting death of his beatles bandmate john lennon this is what we can do so i'm here to do it one of my best friends was killed in gun violence right around here so it's important to me all this palm sunday pope francis told young people to raise their voices keep shouting and not let older generations silence their idealism he said the urge to silence young people has always existed democratic senator and former vice presidential candidate tim kaine this morning strongly criticized president trump's new national security adviser john bolton i think is a disastrous pick kane says he's not sure bolton will be able to get a security clearance because of the speech he gave in russia in two thousand thirteen five tweets from president trump this morning he continues his push for a wall between the us and mexico he says it's a matter of national defense and he again said there was no collusion with russia except by crooked hillary and the dem's the south korean coastguard today wrestle one hundred sixty three people on a ferry that hit a rock off the southwestern coast the rescue happened in the same area where three hundred people died when a ferry sank in two thousand fourteen i'm christopher cruise let's get a check on the roads on talk radio five sixty.

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