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The arc autopilot virtually unstoppable twenty seven points eleven of thirteen from the field with five threes wow what an opener with steph curry as big a fan as any other sellout crowd here at the oracle klay thompson with twenty seven and eleven of thirteen shooting five threes kevin durant twenty four points a rebounds and seven assists warriors cruise past the spurs one thirteen to ninety two in game one more kester shirt john barry called the game on espn radio all those question marks jv we had coming into game one for the warriors having lost ten out of seventeen into the playoffs look they knew they were at the two seed but it was the defense that set the whole tone here in game one against san antonio steve kerr when you go with andrea dollar in the starting lineup we all thought it'd be quinn cook the rookie we were duped as we sat in the officers steve we asked a lot about quaint cooking what kind of impact he'd have and how big he'd be in the series but he goes on a dollar and that to me senna message to his group that it had to be all about defense we don't have steph curry were nowhere near the offense of power that we normally are we have to play great defense and that's exactly what they did they took this spurs team right out of the game seventeen points in that first quarter for san antonio and they never looked back from there you know not that steve kerr tells us everything when we're in his office bet up bad but didn't tell us about dala didn't want to tell us who the center would be we waited a few minutes while he was working with the assistant coaches there was a different feel pregame coming into this postseason than we've seen in the previous throwing.

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