Dez Bryant released by Dallas Cowboys after eight seasons


In some respects that was i think the reason that many expected he would stay was because in a lot of cases jerry jones has done is loyalty spirited fed shut espn radio and source tool espn cowboys reported todd archer that blind was not offered a pay cut during a meeting with team officials on friday with more on the release of dez bryant mike leslie of w f a joining freddie and fitz simons on espn radio what did you think when we found out that desert by was not offered a chance to take a pay cut to stay with the dallas cowboys yeah that that element of it was definitely surprised because like you said leaves were definitely pointing this direction for really a couple of months going back to the day dez bryant was asked whether or not he would take a pay cut basically on the final season for the cowboys leading to vp steven jones and the comments that he made the comment head coach jason garrett all kind of cryptic all kind of pointing in this direction all dropping hints about distraction here occasion all these different things were pointing and just direction so as you said it's not some supplies that this happened but the fact that jerry jones didn't at least offer the window of opportunity of hey is more to stay we'll keep you at xyz number the fact that they just they just jump straight to does your longer a cowboy that part of it i agree with you is a little surprising and i think we're surprising because this having covered dez bryant mike what is his legacy going to be in dallas it be a really really complicated because we're talking about a guy obviously was extremely talented was extremely gifted in terms of is it bill go up and get the football and attack he was really good at that for a period of time clearly over the last few years he's not been as productive we could have arguments ad nauseam as to why that is whether that desert fault and the fact that he's dropped off or whether that's dax fall because he's not putting the ball in the right place or whether it's zeke's all because these getting all.

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