CDC says romaine lettuce likely source of E. coli outbreak


Even if you've been eating it and you'll have it got sick the onset date can be between two and eight days so there's no telling whether you might get sick in the future your little is with the eleanor department of public health also if you're at the grocery store or at a restaurant you to confirm that the romaine lettuce that you're buying is not from the yuma arizona growing region and if you're not able to confirm it do not buy it you're not consume at restaurants and stores have also been told to remove any chopped romain lettuce from their shelves thirty five people in eleven states have become ill due to this outbreak including in missouri and illinois fred dahmer newsradio eleven twenty chemo wax smokes is announcing a shop lettuce recall due in part to the nationwide e coli outbreak fresh way foods is recalling chopped romain lettuce sold its nooks delis and salad bars snug says anyone who bought a product from the self service salad bar are bought prepackaged apple walnut greek cob or tossed garden salad can return them for a full refund the calls from surrey governor eric ryan systemic down now reaching to the white house media briefing in washington a member of the white house press corps asked donald trump's press secretary sarah sanders about a letter sent to him by three missouri state senators president received the letter what is your response and we'll he asked right down i don't have an official response at this time but certainly something that is very concerning and something that we're taking very seriously and i'll keep you updated as we have something by state senator rob schaaf and cosigned by two of his colleagues brad showed newsradio eleven twenty camel wet same likes news time is five oh wait your forecasting danika patrick watching my nieces grow play and learn is amazing but not every child gets to be carefree one in six kids in the us are hungry this breaks my heart and it's something that feeding america is working to change each year the feeding american network of food banks rescues billions of pounds of good food that would have gone to waste and gives it to families in need to help visit feeding america dot org brought to you by feeding america and the ad council listen and imagine.

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