Special counsel Robert Mueller told Trump's lawyers he's not a criminal target right now: Report


Kaby hawaii news time seven sixteen time for news with rick worthington in an effort to get him to cooperate president trump has been told by robert mueller special counsel team that he is not being investigated for criminal acts at least that's according to a published report citing sources close to the probe bob constantini explains what that means his team still wants to interview the president however the washington post is reporting robert muller's negotiators have told mr trump's lawyers right now he is not a target of a criminal probe it is known muller is investigating the firing of fbi director james comey and whether the then new president asked komi beforehand to ease off of any investigation into mike flynn plus the white house statement drafted as reports of the donald trump junior arranged meeting at trump tower with russians claiming to have dirt on hillary clinton in june two thousand sixteen is being looked at the original statement said the meeting was about adoptions a few days later down juniors email thread was made public making clear that was not the case bob costantini washington woman opened fire a youtube headquarters near san francisco yesterday wounding three people before she took her own life officials bleed the suspect may have known one of the victims but they're not sure here's mary moloney some employees on the massive campus for enjoying their lunch break when shots i rang out other youtube employees in different buildings heard the chaos through technology i actually was on a video conference with someone who is in the building when it happened and we were all suddenly aware of a lot of heard noises it sounds people running outside of the the room where she was and people screaming news chopper aerials focused on a small outdoor eating area where evidence markers dotted the ground law enforcement searched each employee one by one as they came out of the building with their hands up investigators believe the shooter acted alone i'm mary maloney reporting wall street will open up here in a few minutes down almost five hundred points this morning stocks posted a big turnaround tuesday the dow soared three hundred eighty nine points the nasdaq rose seventy one and the sp five hundred was up thirty two investors will get more economic news to chew on today i a look jobs when the march adp payrolls are released at eight fifteen am eastern that will be followed by ism nonmanufacturing activity for march and factory orders were february.

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