Elon Musk Sends April Fools' Tweets Joking of Tesla Bankruptcy


To a recent report from the california child care resource and referral network that's a lot of kids who are missing out on that type of care that's rowena kamo the research director for the group and comma says the decline is concerning because home daycares meet needs that other settings often don't they're much more audible more likely to care for infants and toddlers there are a number of factors behind the decline the workforce is getting older the cost of living is higher and wages for providers are low on average they earn about twelve dollars an hour funding is also an issue susan savage with the childcare resource center says the state is putting dollars into pre k programs offered by schools rather than into support for home daycares because we're not investing in the diversity of the types of child care were reducing access for parents who often worked non traditional hours and the demand is high according to the latest childcare needs assessment in la county eighty seven percent of working parents with infants and toddlers don't have access to licensed care jackie jackson recently got a call from one of her former students looking for a spot for his own child and said he says well who's going to get my baby now find isam when really good making those recommendations is getting harder and harder to do in los angeles i'm preston neely for marketplace and are they annoying or exercises in critical thinking in media literacy the fake april fools news yesterday lots of product placement hinds coming out with chocolate mayonnaise burger king with chocolate burger yeah yeah neither true mr musk over at tesla pulled it off with some panache i have to say tweeting that his electric car company had gone bankrupt claiming that the ceo is found passed out against a tesla model three surrounded by tesla keila bottles quote the tracks of dried tears still visible on his cheeks it is true that tesla bon yields soared last week assign investors have grown more skeptical of that company.

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