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Mexican authorities confirmed seven police officers have been killed in a riot at a jail in the eastern state of veracruz mexican officials say the killings of seven police officers happened during a rod to thomas president veracruz overnight the fallen started of the some inmates broke onto their cells the place has happened while the riot was being quelled an order was being restored an investigation is underway many mexican prisons control by inmates blowing into powerful and violent drug cartels who constantly embroiled in power struggle vendettas jen's players mexico deadly protests against indian rule erupted in several parts of indiancontrolled kashmir sunday following the killings of at least eight rebels and fighting with government forces at least two army soldiers were killed in the fighting new round of anti india protests and classes which led to the killings of at least two civilians comes after indian troops launched deadly counter insurgency operations this is our in news this is john mccall for dr richard klein at the michigan head and neck institute it's amazing how many symptoms at a t m j disorder can cause when dr klein i became interested in treating tm j problem there was not much known about it today the academic knowledge is much more advanced neck aches headaches ear pain dizziness sensitivity to sounds ears buzzing blurred vision of flow of tears without crying and pain in or behind the i can all be due to a t m j disorder it's not just jaw pain dr klein is helped over ten thousand patients with tm disorder or obstructive sleep apnea and i don't know of anyone else who is as passionate and helping patients i've.

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