What now after Joshua-Parker? Is it time for Wilder?


I don't think it's the next fight you know but when when you see josh when i think you have to do that go let's do it i'm ready when you are ready when you are you know it's it's not on josh when wilder they want the fights it it'd be tough in it's just the way it goes for water or for joshua call up his promoter go hey that's next kinda doesn't work like that do you have a plan and there's contracts and that was the last one and showtime like there's a lot of moving pieces here i do think it happens by the end of this year i'd be tough i i do think it happens though but it stopped to say that it's next from what i hear which is a bummer but i i hope it does happen i hope it does that's that's that's the one problem with boxer man wearing the we're in one of the golden ages of boxing it's some of the best that's ever been great heavyweights you know one forty seven forty it's a phenomenal right now however problem with box and always been you have all these different promoters there's not one big cash cow town so you know you sometimes you get the fight you wanna see in while they're in their prime hala mayweather pacquiao for god's sakes so we'll see but fennell fight i thought joshua stock went up after this off see it wasn't the dramatic fight that wilder had with ortiz but you know this fight everyone see that's fight everyone see i think you're making a mistake when you go man and you guys know me while i love wilder man i ride in die with wilder but i've always been a joshua fan i like both whole my god crazy going freak out so i think you're making mistake if you watch that and goat man joshua he's get knocked out by wilder it you you're not you're not seeing that fight the way you should i see file who've joshua can boxes ass off yeah because joseph parker has been fighting since he was basically seven years old.

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