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Next year or you double pin their seasons september first in atlanta that seems like a long way away but the huskies know it'll be here before they know it that's why the spring football practice sessions are so important the dogs out there early this morning for their fourth of fifteen practices this month new offense coordinator bush hamden who spent last season with the atlanta falcons getting comfortable shots with the offense this offense has kind of been in place for a long long time now dating back probably the nineties boise but i think everywhere you go you pick up different things here and there and you say how can that fit and obviously learned a lot last year a couple wrinkles here and there but for the most part things other than a tim hortons donut shop one the other things you'd be sure to find vancouver the past seventeen years is dean brother the twin brothers henrik and daniel announced this morning they will retire from the vancouver canucks after seventeen years together in the nhl the brothers have thirty seven and while there from sweden they do plan on making vancouver their longterm home tiger woods in augusta and getting ready for the masters today for the first time since twenty fifteen was played a practice round at augusta national played nine holes of fred couples and couples said he looks like the tiger woods have ten years ago freddie there in the left woods is a four time winner at the masters but has not played in that major since two thousand fifteen when he did tie for seventeenth greg gop shots oftener employee of the night honors tonight's got shot we've both golfers and rock skippers in masters practice rhinos as maria thaba from across the pond skips it six times across the water gets it on the green elegant this nearly holes it out this is one of the more unbelievable things i've ever seen a golf course six skips across the pond i've never seen that that is our absolutely the rock definitely not with the gulf ball pretty impressive for sure well weatherwise we've got okay weather forgetting out there and maybe getting around on the links tomorrow but not so much by the time.

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