Applications now open for school board chair in Prince William Country


Five years speaker kirk cox says the select committee on school safety will make recommendations to improve school safety but will not look at gun issues he says they can't allow partisan issues to distract them from figuring out how to keep kids safe committee member david to sky now mccrum kurd we convert it'll it'll be good incur will be a good recommendation reported gartnerg are for fundamental problems so to scana says democrats are setting up an ad hoc group to entrust on violence heather curtis sound wmal in wmal dot com and overnight fire in prince georgia kelly's claimed the lives of two people because firefighters couldn't get to them in time to save them kelly fire spokesman mark brady says firefighters encountered a hoarding condition at the home and were unable to get inside until fire had been put out what the departure of ryan sawyers this week the job of school board sharon prince william county is officially open applications are now being accepted for an interim chair of the prince william county school board according to virginia code someone must be appointed within forty five days the person hired will perform all duties until a special election is held in november applicants must be eligible voters and residents of prince william county a public hearing on the matter will be held next month maria lee fun wmal and wmal dot com notorious former pharmaceutical ceos back in federal court in brooklyn today martin skrela's defence lawyer thinks he shouldn't have to serve more than eighteen months imprisonment and followed by two thousand hours of community service in court ordered therapy the federal prosecutor here in brooklyn told the judge that the socalled former bro should serve no fewer than one hundred eighty months behind bars that's fifteen years he's been locked up since september when he urged followers on social media to get him strands of hillary clinton's hair the prosecutor argued that skrilje has shown zero remorse he was found guilty of securities fraud and conspiracy steve cast inbound on wmal and wmal dot com checking your molly the dow opened today a 24.

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