New national poll on US Senate race


Weather forecast courtesy meteorologist deemed of or a cold start to the morning skies will end up rather cloudy by the afternoon chilly today with a high near fifty not as cold overnight tonight and we'll have a low of thirty five by the way watch out for a shower in spots this afternoon we'll be cloudy for tomorrow for saturday with a high fifty two degrees and then for sunday a little rain a time baby mixed with some wet snow in the afternoon and an early high of forty four degrees temperatures are likely to fall through the day on sunday right now it is mostly cloudy and twenty six degrees downtown at the arch kmox news time is six twenty three a new national poll on us senate races shows missouri senator claire mccaskill eight points behind her likely republican challenger in the fall election the poll shows mccaskill with forty four percent and josh lally with fifty two percent of so political science cheer dave roberson says it's still early i think there's absolutely no way to call this this early in the campaign we may see the polls tied on the eve of the election the aksy a survey monkey poll calls mccaskill one of the most vulnerable incumbent democrats in the senate roberson says the problem with poses people tell the pollster how they plan to vote but it's hard to predict what percentage of mccaskill versus hallways supporters will actually show up kevin cooling radio eleven twenty kmox the gun debate continues in the eleanor legislature with several bills still pending in the house and senate the state house voted to prohibit anyone under twenty one from buying an assault style weapon and to ban bump stocks another measure that has yet to get a vote bans highcapacity magazines and body armor for anybody other than police officers it's named after slain chicago police commander paul bauer chicago police superintendent eddie johnson supports it in the last month since we lost paul bauer everyone in this city including of thousands of men and women of chicago police department have shown their support and low four follows serving less pay him the biggest chip you we can do in our lives what he fought so hard to do in his own life taking criminals off the street and making it as difficult as possible for them to commit these destructive acts a.

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