Early returns show Putin re-elected in a landslide tainted by fraud


Putin for president the russia probe i'm anne cates exit polls show vladimir putin has nabbed three quarters of the votes of the russian presidential election today correspondent frederik plotkin says there were other candidates on the ballot seven people running against ladimir putin it seems as though the closest runnerup at this point he's at around eleven percent so from what we can see so far it seems pretty much assured that latimer putin is going to spend another six years in office as the russian president the president is attacking the fbi and special counsel robert muller after his personal attorney called for an end to the probe into russian meddling in the election and any trump campaign ties to moscow senate minority whip dick durbin tells fox news sunday that president trump is straying into dangerous territory is president is engaged in desperate and reckless conduct to intimidate the law enforcement agencies in this country and to try to stop the special counsel that is unacceptable in a democracy ousted fbi deputy director andrew mccabe is mulling a new position congressman mark poke and says he's offered to hire mccabe to work on election security something the wisconsin democrat says is a legit job and seth moulton of massachusetts also a democrat tweeted saturday that he'd consider giving mccabe job saying his district would benefit from the wisdom and talent of such an experienced public servant it's not clear how long they've been affect as mccabe only needs a couple of days on a federal job to qualify for his full pension a spokeswoman for mccabe didn't immediately rule out the idea but said they're considering all options richard johnson washington after days of digging through nine hundred fifty tons of steel and concrete authorities say the remains of all six victims of the pedestrian bridge collapsed in florida have been recovered rescuers have worked day and night to extract the victims and mangled cars after the pedestrian bridge which was under construction crumbled last thursday near florida international university miami i'm ann cates.

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