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Facebook suspends data firm with Trump ties


And what it's a big deal online dot com world headquarters president donald trump's administration outlined rules for how automakers pipeline operators and other companies can seek exemptions from new steel and aluminum tariffs the commerce department opened the door for those requests late yesterday there's an interim final rule that invites applications from companies or individuals supplying steel to us entities that use the metal in construction manufacturing or other business activities tariff supporters we'll have a chance to argue against the proposed exemptions facebook suspended cambridge analytica a data company that helped president donald trump win the two thousand sixteen presidential election and which may have collected data from fifty million facebook profiles without their owner's permission facebook said in a blog post yesterday cambridge analytica received some user data through an app developer on its social network violating its policies large digital companies operating in the european union such as alphabet twitter could face a three percent tax on their gross revenues based on where their users are located that's according to a draft proposal by the european commission the draft seemed by bloomberg outlines how a targeted tax on gross revenues would increase the tax bill digital giants face doug haynes president at steven cohen's hedge fund point seventy two asset management has stepped down after four years this following a lawsuit filed last month that accused the company of discriminating against women also it comes after an ongoing independent assessment of the firm's culture which was ordered by cohen the resignation comes as cohen stages a comeback as a hedge fund manager after a two year ban global news twenty four hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm susanna palmer this is bloomberg is a closer look with arthur levitt arthur levitt is a former chairman of the us securities and exchange commission a bloomberg l p board member a senior advisor to the promontory financial group and a policy advisor to goldman sachs alford down the lodge was born in ethiopia then came to the united states when she was twelve while at harvard her interest was in conflict resolution spending time in.

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