More testimony from state's star witness in Tex McIver murder trial


Company nine one one textiles were crews removing clean what contents are actually left in the home a lot of the homes are going to be complete losses they're going to have to bulldoze in fairburn robert orlinsky wsb breaking news i i this is w sp twenty four hour continuing news the husband of the state star witness takes the stand at the text macgyver murder trial i said i'm richie that's how texts macgyver described his wealth to tom carter the husband of the woman who was behind the wheel the night mcivor fatally shot his wife in an suv carter says mcivor told him about the shooting that he fell asleep and then the damn thing just went on about three days after the killing carter says mcivor was talking to his wife at the buckhead condo he was talking to danny and he said you know we need to sit down and talk about our story carter acknowledges he does not know what mcivor wanted danny to say to police or the media at the volta county courthouse for runako waters wsb charges have been filed against douglas county teenager who phoned in a threat to a local in aa cpa office a joint investigation by marietta police and the fbi identified the suspect is a thirteen year old boy who made the call from his home in lithium springs number is top nwea cps leader deanne bonner tells channel two action news system your message no that utah that black folks when you say you want to kill us you wanna murder us case against the team will go through juvenile court it has been two weeks since a cobb county man was last seen going for a walk at kennesaw mountain national battlefield park where you feel confident that we have searched that area the best we can aggressively including near the overflow parking lot and old highway forty one were david blake's car was found two weeks of searches involving cop police fire and sheriff's office a state patrol helicopter dozens of volunteers under the guidance of cobb emergency management cobb ama director cassie maslum says the trail is cold but to blake's parents we would be happy to follow up on any way if we had something else to go on edgar treiguts wsb sweet sixteen gets underway thursday with the nc double a south regional at philips arena dame one features loyola against nevada the.

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