Florida governor orders state troopers to help guard Parkland school


News time to forty nine and thirty four degrees in boston top stories now the nor'easter expected to have snow falling from the south to the north starting late this afternoon early this evening snowfall amounts five to eight inches in and around boston two to five north and west of four ninety five and on the cape anthony stimpson of boston is accused of robbing another man as he lay unconscious inside the downtown crossings t stop early this morning the victim at apparently suffered some type of medical emergency and was pronounced dead at the scene wall street it's changed dow's now up seventy three points while the nasdaq is down eighteen the s and p five hundred is now down one in other news florida's governor orders extra security for the high school in parkland florida were seventeen people were killed last month governor rick scott has asked the florida highway patrol for eight troopers to guard the entrances at marjory stoneman douglas high the move comes a day after two students were arrested for having knives on campus a third student was thrown out of school for posting a picture of a weapon online and was ordered hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation when it was found that he was using the confessed gunman's name as his own screen name on a gaming site earlier a student discovered a broward county sheriff's deputy asleep in his car when he was supposed to be guarding the school the governor says he made the move after hearing from scared parents and students peter king cbs news orlando at a student witness of the school shooting in southern maryland says a police officer tried to order a student with a gun to his head to disarm before two shots were fired the student tells the washington post he saw a fellow student hold a gun to his head and hurt a police officer shout an order to put that gun down right mills high school senior isaiah titian was standing near the high school shooter tuesday when the arm resource officer arrived and confronted the seventeen year old if he wasn't there he probably would have i don't know what he would have done against his head but i don't know if he would aside more students or just right there police haven't made it clear if the.

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