Israeli military confirms it hit Syrian nuclear site in 2007


News time one forty eight thirty four degrees in boston top stories now we're having another nor'easter this one's expected to dump five to eight inches in and around boston lesser amounts on cape cod and north and west of four ninety five the latest wbz accuweather forecast coming up the cell phone number of the suspected austin texas serial bomber was of interest to police before he was caught on surveillance video at a fedex store the phones traffic data was used put mark conduct at the site of the explosions wall street the dow up ninety nine nasdaq up sixteen the sp five hundred up eight in other news israel is going public about one of its most daring and successful military operations admitting it bombed a suspected nuclear reactor in syria ten years of silence the idea of now says eight f fifteen took off from to southern bases at ten thirty pm on september fifth two thousand and seven their top seed mission to destroy what is really intel said was a syrian nuclear reactor some three hundred miles north of damascus radar jamming technology allowed the f fifteens to enter syria undetected after midnight they dropped seventeen tons of explosives demolishing a nondescript building near the river giordano miller abc news jerusalem french trains flights schools and other public services are poised to be disrupted tomorrow by nationwide strikes in protest of president emmanuel macron's economic measures francis national railway company says only forty percent of highspeed trains and half of.

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