John Dowd resigns from Trump's personal legal team


And sixty one degrees in centennial a key member of the president's legal team is stepping down trump's lead attorney for the ongoing russia investigation has resigned john dowd tells abc news in a statement quote i love the president and wish him well it was just last weekend when dowd sparked controversy when he issued a statement saying he hoped the justice department would end the special counsels russia probe he said he was speaking for himself but another attorney on the president's team tyco later issued a statement saying the president wasn't considering or discussing firing robert muller karen travers abc news though the white house to house has passed a one point three trillion dollar spending bill that keeps the lights on in washington past friday the bill now goes to the senate the white house says the president will sign it this jury bill that spending bill doesn't include protections for colorado's recreational marijuana industry senators michael bennett and cory gardner and congressman jared polis in ed pearl butter wanted a provision in the bill that would have stopped the us justice department for cracking down on recreational pot in states that have legalized it but that provision didn't make it into the bill jerry bell koa newsradio he called china a friend at a signing ceremony but president trump move forward with tariffs on imports from china the president says he's moving to even the score with china the white house says every one billion dollars in trade deficit costs a us six thousand jobs the tariffs he announced the signing ceremony affects imports ranging from clothes and shoes to let tron ix we have a trade deficit depending on the way you calculate of five hundred and four billion dollars a senior administration official says the tariffs are valued at fifty billion dollars in we'll target thirteen hundred products the treasury department will release a full list of products tariffs within fifteen days in washington rachel sutherland fox news on wall street stocks are down on news of the trade tariffs against china and fear of retaliation with the dow off two hundred seventy one points right now the s and p five hundred is losing twenty seven points and the nasdaq the techheavy market is now down seventy five points our next news update is at twelve thirty i'm susan witkin koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm i'm tom shane lots of jewelers are doing.

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