When the Left Is Backed Into a Corner, They Always Go to Brute Force


In a desperation move the attorney general and name only who appears as family is profiting off teaching kids to be racist by the way So he should resign immediately He's the resign just because he's the disgusting horrible person who has not a shred of dignity left This attorney general the agno attorney general and name only But what do they have to do whenever the left is backed into a tactical strategic corner They always go to brute force spying on Donald Trump sicking the FBI on opponents demanding censorship because the left the authority authoritarian streak exists almost exclusively on the left Okay You can't be a real conservative and be an authoritarian Those two ideas can't exist at the same time A real conservative believes in big R God given rights for everyone Therefore because you believe in that in your bones and it's your principles there's an emergency break on your behavior If you believe in big R God given rights for everyone then you can't take someone else's rights 'cause you didn't give them God gave them God granted them It's the essence of conservatism Liberalism is by nature authoritarian There's nothing they want more than government control to plan and direct your life and they want you to sit down and shut up and we're not gonna sit down and we're not gonna shut

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