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It's just me drinking my guilty addiction zero sugar caffeine free stevia flavored zivia. I interviewed them once, you know, I interviewed the CEO. His name was patty. Interviewed patty, way back in the day, 'cause I wanted to know if these cans have medals in them and where they get their stevia and if it's actually a pretty good stuff. It's not like fake healthy food is actually kind of healthy. Nice. It's like a sponsor. Favorite flavor is evia? Go. We're root beer. It's Ginger root beer. It's the only one I like. But I don't like soda. Ginger root beer with coconut vanilla ice cream is actually a pretty good root beer float. I don't really like sodas very much, but Rupert would be my favorite. And we'll warm up we'll warm up since we're on the root beer float question. One of their warmup question for the podcast the way to go. What's everybody's favorite dessert? Ice cream. Ice cream. No, but more specific. Moose tracks, Ben and Jerry's chunky monkey. Of a cocoa. There's one that we had in Italy is called sweet milk. Oh, sweet milk flavored gelato. Yeah, it's really good. It's just like honey and milk. I don't know. It's really good though. It's so unfair that you get named a dessert that people have to go all the way to Italy. One more that we also got it was where do we do this? Really chewing your gum bay. Sorry, I should take my gum out. Before we did it, but it was another type of gelato but it was a honey gelato. So there's like honeycomb. Honeycomb gelato. I remember that also.

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