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Mary twenty years and two years children prolife person of faith against ngo dick dances. Those are those are options here. Thanks to finance them. Oh that's me very war. Two huge differences according to pants requires servant. Careful listen frankie. Wow oh my god dude. He calls him the consummate straight shooter. Yeah i don't know where that came from. If he's not been paying attention and sort of council meeting whatsoever both just tend to go straight so that's fine but most wildly is. You're driving through a park with the sign on the back of your truck real straight. Yeah yeah he's a straight driver in a dog park. Why not mode on a couple of shetland ponies. I think by consummate straight shooter. He means i don't know crazy old man well. He calls him Quote very solid analytical consistent. No nonsense conservative nonsense. Yep lower taxes all analytic government for hip. Or what does that mean quote direct. His viewpoints are clear and not ambiguous. No no i can't understand a fucking word. He says but his plans of supporters local clipped it. Hard there my friend focus on business. That is clearly city. Business opposes public safety mill levy. He spelled levy levy with levi public life in skirt. Form also convention center also a convention center pro-lifers faith clearly against an indio so big sad worldview Clearly has a favorite there. I think oh a straight shooter in Frankie wall to is indeed hammer hammer. Hammer one of the incumbents running again here on the city council In one of my favorite answers from the buildings

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