A highlight from Foreign Troops Fighting With Tigray Rebels

Newscast - Africa


You're listening to the news on africa. Business radio it open prime minister. Ibm mad saas. Foreign forces have fought alongside to gray and rebels. In recent battles are strategically important areas. In amhara harare region. He says fighters were not it. Open have taken part in recent battles around the two cities. Mr abbas governments call to arms from a few months ago had not been mattered proper organization. That's by a massive number of youth who are joined. He accused agree on rebels of wanting to return to power to implement a policy in which members of one group treated as first class citizens he also repeated an earlier statement from the government now rebel force. It had killed modern hundred civilians from vulture which to reinforces have denied. That wasn't news at this time on africa. Business radio isn't continue to listen live online at. Www dot africa business radio dot com of our mobile app. I am chicken on. So morty and thank you for listening.

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