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Accountability means, you know what? My credit card bills, those are mine. I'm accountable for handling those. Instead of avoiding them, I am personally responsible to deal with these. Even if I didn't cause all these problems, I am now the person who, if I'm gonna clear the problems off my plate, I gotta take some personal accountability for that. I am now the person who gets to choose my attitude today. I am now the person who expects myself to follow a higher standard and to follow through. Personal responsibility or personal accountability says, okay. I'm going to own this reality. I'm going to plan my way through it. I'm going to follow through. And I'm going to set up checks and balances to make sure I do that. Where that setting goals and tracking and measuring the goals and my own behavior towards those goals or getting a coach sharing socially in the community or talking with your friends and family and putting it out there, now your butts on the line and you gotta do it. I think that's what's important. So often we say, you know, I have dreams. I'm not gonna tell anybody. And often in person development you hear people say, no, tell people. Because once you verbalize it, you can realize it. Once you verbalize it and it's socialized, now there's an expectation you follow through. Here's my question to you. Do you have enough expectations to follow through? Often when I work with CEOs as their executive coach, what ends up happening is they have that kind of maybe they have investors and their investors expect them to stay on path. Maybe they need to hit their quarterly goals. But when something happening is sometimes they start feeling like they're accountability is driven by others and often high performers feel all these obligations. They are accountable, but they're accountable to obligations to other people have set. And if you want a real fast tracked being demotivated, stop setting your own plan. Stop setting your own accountability. This is why, for me, as I told you, I go in my plan section of growth every day. I look at all those plans. I'm like, I'm behind on this. But I don't get discouraged. I just make a plan on how to handle it. Sometimes I look at them like, I don't like my score here with my friends. I went three months without really talking to my Friends. I don't get down on myself. I make a plan. I don't fall prey, that victim part of myself that says, but all these other things are happening and oh my God, okay, got it. I don't like that. I'm the only one in charge of the ship. You're the only one in charge of those scores. And once you realize that you're like, okay, I'm accountable. What's my plan? Because sometimes you left your accountability to your boss. You left your accountability your manager. You left your accountability your spouse. You left your accountability to the kids. You left your accountability to somebody else and you didn't internally own it anymore. If you ever been seminars before, I'll talk about this for a while. And then I'll get the whole audience up. We'll play this music. We'll do the lights and all of a sudden we'll have everyone start shouting. I own my dream. I own my dream. I own my dream. To help them realize again, they're the owner of their life. You own your dream. You own that impulse in your heart that says to get better. Once you are the CEO of your life, not just the follower. Everything shifts for us. And that's accountability. Hey, it's Brendan jumping back in here again. Are you looking to go to the next level in your life right now? The next level of joy, abundance, success, then you already know that you need to journal about your lessons learned in your life, you've got to track your moods and your habits. You have to learn from the best personal development coaches and teachers in the world, and you got to stay inspired and accountable so that you can be more focused, disciplined, joyous, and keep growing. That's what the growth day app is gonna help you to do, my friend, it's the world's first all in one personal development app. It has all of the tools you need. All the coaching and the community that you need to level up to progress every week to track your breakthroughs and to keep growing every area of your life consistently over the long term. So go start your transformation right now at growth day dot com or just download the growth the app on your phone right now. Every day, you can keep improving. Every day, we are here for you and every day is truly a great day to grow together. So let's make self improvement a way of life. Let's make that self improvement stick. Go to growth day dot com right now.

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