A highlight from 200th Episode Special Recapping The Juiciest Moments in Breaking Beauty History (What Made Us Laugh, Cry, Cringe & Everything In-Between)


Here, Jill? I'm not entirely sure, but I'm very excited that we are here. It's a pinch me moment. And you know, we have a different format for today because I'm here at the dear media headquarters in LA and sitting right beside me is our wonderful producer, Michelle Harrison, hey Michelle. Hi ladies. Thank you for having me today. I'm so excited to have you as our me too. Guest co host. I know. And have you ever done this before on any of the shows you produce a dear media? You know a couple times a couple times, but I'm really excited to talk beauty. Yay. Okay, awesome. And of course, Carolina is here too, you guys just heard her. Carlin's face is on a giant monitor. She's dialing in remotely. But looking great her hair fly, she just got a new haircut, guys, our new color, something's different. Cute. Yeah. Callie blond this time. I was inspired. Love it. Okay, so for today's episode, we're taking a bit of a beat. We're taking a minute to reflect on our 200 episodes. And, you know, we're going to take a look back at some of our most juicy moments and there's been so many along the way we were sort of like diving into our archives, figuring out what we were going to talk about today, what we were going to bring to you guys. And we're 200 episodes in and I believe, at least 4 million downloads at this point close to it. Definitely. No, and I can't believe how we started. We were taking GarageBand audio editing lessons in like an Apple store, that seems like ages ago now and recording in a public library. I mean, we toiled over during like a narrative format. So, you know, we've evolved. We've come a long way. Yeah, and on the upside, we do know how to edit our own audio now. If it ever comes to that, but Michelle, please don't go anywhere. Every decide to leave you. Please don't. Please don't I can not go back to the public library. You know, but in all seriousness, I think we can look back with so much gratitude. I have so much gratitude for you, carlene, and all of the work that we do together and I don't know how solo podcast host do it. And guys, I'm drinking a Caesar to celebrate the 200. Do you know what is Caesar is Michelle? No, what is the Caesar? It's basically a better Bloody Mary. Okay. Yeah. It's made with clamato juice. It's very Canadian. Is that the big difference? It's Komodo. What is tomato juice? But it makes it damn good. Hashtag officially damn good. Yeah, she's drinking of a fancy crystal glass. This is your type of this is the type of drink you would drink at brunch for sure. And thanks so much to Michelle, not only for sitting in today, but you just hold us down every single week. You're the best. And we put up with all of our nig little edits every week and we know you guys make appreciate you. You know, and most importantly, we also want to show out our breaking beauty fam, our listeners who are so well, sending us DMs, tuning in from all over the world every single week and they really make it all worth it. All the warm fuzzies. We truly couldn't have imagined reaching this milestone and this many people and it's our honor to connect about our love of beauty every single week. So today we're recapping some of our top juiciest moments from the past 200 episodes from our most emotional moment doing interviews to our laugh out loud moments and more. Yeah, and if you're wondering about that interview, you know the one. If you know you know, we're gonna be talking about that interview for the first time ever. So be sure you stay tuned for the whole episode. And so this is kind of like a reaction episode so what we're going to do is we're going to play some clips and then we're going to talk through what we were feeling and thinking in the moment and maybe why it was important to us and why I did stand out. And so here we go without further ado here our top juiciest moments from breaking beauty the last 200 episodes. While

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