The Danger in Removing God From America


I want to read to you the proclamation. Of president George Washington. In 1789 on October 3rd this is how he proclaimed that a national holiday. By the president of the United States of America, proclamation. Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the Providence of almighty God. Now do you notice the beginning here be realize. You realize how saturated our origins are, with religion. By religion I don't only mean, of course, Christianity, the specific, expression, or as we correctly note today, in terms of values judeo Christian, in terms of religion, Christian. Values judeo Christian, religion, Christianity, God, the God of Israel. That is the God at this that this society was founded worshiping. If you remove God from the origins, if you removed no, not from the origins you can't accept the few actually distort history, which has been known to happen in your college classroom. But without distorting a history. If you would want to remove God from the the essence of America, you are in fact changing. You are in fact changing. The country, it would be as if you were to remove democracy. Does anybody argue that we should not have the vote in this country? Nobody argues that. To remove God from the from the equation of what is American. Is not a matter of I was going to say in my opinion, and I often say those words, but in reality it is a structurally. Dangerous as structurally dishonest to the structure of America, as if you would remove the vote.

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