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For Saturday, November 20th. This is a rare and strange time, but the holidays are coming up. And so we wanted to get ahead of our recording schedule so you guys have some content from us to consume over the long weekend or break or whatever it is that you might be experiencing. I was just talking to Brian about how I find myself in computer transitional hell, I suppose, is the best way to describe it. I am the fortunate upgrader. I've waited a couple of cycles to upgrade my phone. And as Brian and I have been waiting a long time, I also upgraded my MacBook Pro. I first ordered my phone in September, and then through a number of fluky things it ended up just arriving. I think yesterday, actually, so it took a long time. I believe my phone went back to China. It came back here because of all the supply chain, nonsense. Even though I ordered my MacBook Pro probably a month and a half after my phone, they arrived in the same day. I started the upgrade process and the migration process for both of these devices in man. It is a shit show. In some ways, I totally understand the whole iCloud warm cocoon, just put everything in the cloud and you don't need to worry about anything. That's not really my style. I tend to have stuff locally saved, stuff and Dropbox, stuff in one password, stuff, in various storage receptacles. As I've done this migration, not everything has come over. And especially on the new M ones, I don't know why, but it seems like a bunch of my apps are just not running. Maybe it's because they're the Intel versions. And so when you migrate Intel versions of apps over to the new chip, you need Rosetta. I'm very confused. But needless to say, my setup today was totally fucked because of all the things that I've rejiggered to try to make this new setup work, and it wasn't working. Brian, are you having better luck? I have held off on upgrading my laptop because I think then we talk about I end up using the laptop now only three or four times a month. Oh, right. I actually ended up using I'm using a Windows laptop more right now than I what am I? For gaming long story. Actually, half of it is for gaming. That's a longer story though. Unrelated. But yeah, just to put a pen in this whenever I decided whenever I do upgrade, I'm going to do the full fresh thing. I'm not going to try to restore from my what I've decided. This is going to be my weekend, which is not what I preferred. But it feels like I need a clean start. Fortunately, the last time I did this, I did write down a bunch of notes for how I like my system to be set up. But I customize everything and it takes so goddamn long to get my system back into a place where I wanted to be. So we'll see, I'm going to jump down some notes, and maybe the result of that will be a list of other people could from if they want to. But anyways, that's where we are. You know what? I think maybe I have the transition to talk to Benedict real quick here. Go for it. I am using the Windows laptop for gaming a lot because Age of Empires IV is a hell of a drug. And they don't have a Mac version for that. But we wanted to talk to Benedict for a couple of weeks now because this will get into discussions of AR and VR. And the metaverse and Benedict wrote a fantastic piece. I guess it was back in the beginning of October about metaverse metaverse metaverse. And Benedict, I'd like to just pick your brain for 15 or 20 minutes about this about Apple cars and stuff, but the thing that struck me about your essay and I've actually kind of copped this sort of point a couple times subsequently on the show, is that this is kind of obvious where buzzwords are buzzwords because no one really has to define them. But in your piece, you made the point that this feels to you like people in terms of the metaverse, it feels to you like people at the beginning of the 90s being in front of a whiteboard describing the information superhighway. Where do you think we're at in terms of the metaverse? Is it just the solution to everyone's problem no matter what tribe you're in right now or do you think that there's actually some sort of coherent vision starting to come together? Well, so I think it's kind of interesting that we've had two sort of want of a better term rebrand in this whole thing to redescribe rebrand, as web three. And in many ways, I think rebrand, reconstruct AR VR as metaverse. And obviously crypto is a lot further along than metaverse. But it basically says what you're doing is you're trying to leave behind the limited vision. So this is a universal vision. So if you hear squeaking, that's a 12 month old puppy sitting on. Sounded like. If you hear an ounce that's because she bit my finger again. So yeah, so as one tries as an object that from Voltaire that the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire. Cryptocurrency is neither cryptography nor currency. And, you know, it's an order distributed database. It's not a payment system. It's not a currency. If all of those things and lots of other stuff as well. And it's always been a struggle. Well, how do you tell people what this is? And what it could be. And when you go try and go from saying crypto to saying web three, you're trying to communicate that yes it could be a store of value.

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