A highlight from Mike Church Show-The Day The Demoncrats Went Back To Hell, Lets Keep Them There


What night last night. I didn't stay up and watch any of it. Don't get me wrong. Although to see terry mcauliffe squirm that demon would have been worth. It might have been worth it. We're still waiting to find out whether or not mao murphy in new jersey is also going to be sent back to hell from whence he came. this was a referendum on the corona doom it was a referendum on vaccine mandates it was a referendum on permanent never-ending lockdowns if you people out there in the political class and ruling oligarchy global Great reset a ball didn't get the memo. What little voting power remains out here in the united states for example was used yesterday despite your best efforts to cheat lie deceive and the things that you usually do It looks as though that good guys may event. Now when i say good guys. We're talking relatively speaking here. The goodguys ray eventually prevailed yesterday. You're gonna politico dot com. Which is as much as i detested is pretty reliable when it comes to Election returns and results. I mean that they've been doing it for fifteen years almost twenty years now and they They put the investment and Into counting stacy's labrum than the gangs. Fake votes here. Is the current tally in virginia. Now magdalen rose will join us next hour If you follow her on instagram last night was christmas right now. Glenn young is at fifty point seven percent with ninety nine percent of precincts and mcauliffe at forty eight point six six percent Forty eight point six percent. The last we heard was seven hours ago. All mcauliffe's twitter wall mistaker will kill you twitter. Nothing since Basically saying that. Hey we're not conceding anything. He didn't say that he said we're waiting to all virginians. Votes are counted. And i'm going like you're just shooting a flare up into the sky you know. Stacey slob rooms is morbidly obese. Did you call her on the fat phone. It not approve this message. We're talking about people that are communist from china. She's in the mcauliffe. Send the fat flare up into the sky. We're not conceding. We have lots of votes left to go on like ninety nine percent of precincts around noon. What's left to count while you know what's left account mailing an absentee now. Politico has projected young can as beating mcauliffe. Let me give you the score as it stands right now in jersey. This is a shocker. The end all shock us eight percent of precincts in chia torelli rem. I saying that right you jersey. I'ts chia torelli forty nine point seven percent. Chris i love chairman mao murphy. Forty nine point six percents so right now. The republican in jersey has the edge. New knock peatland city. Now i find this one just There's a headline on the political. I'll just read it to you New thought it was done with bill de blasios com randall blasios. He thinks they might want won't more. We need to look ahead. We need to build something new. We need to build something better. He said hell does that. Mean in any in any event courteously. Well who has basically been campaigning for mayor of new tina caitlyn city since dumb berg for about twenty. Some odd years now finally actually decided to run this time. and sleep was getting clobbered twenty eight point eight percent to sixty six percent for adams who is a A black gentleman who will then be the second black mayor of new. Tina caitlyn city.

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