A highlight from A Prayer for Guarding Whats Been Entrusted to You

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A prayer for guarding what's been entrusted to you. Written by Chelsea de Mattis and read by Kelly gibbons. Guard the good deposit and trusted to you. First Timothy 6 20. Last summer, I spent a lot of time in the letters Paul wrote to the men he had trained up. Something really special about these letters continued to pierce my heart. The lord continued to highlight to me the command over our lives to guard the deposits entrusted to us. To guard, yet actively be brave in Christ for the things he has given us. Each time Paul mentions guardian what's been given to Timothy. It's attached to the call of living out his faith, standing firm in the truth that he knows. And serving where God has him. In Hebrew, the word entrust means deposit, a point to remember. So for us as Christ followers, we must first seek to know what God has entrusted to us. This means prayerfully asking God to open our eyes to see our world through a kingdom perspective. For me personally, he revealed something I knew, yet hadn't fully let sink in. After giving our lives to Christ, we now have our testimony. This is the second most important story entrusted to us other than the gospel. God cause us to share the story he's written for us. God has entrusted you and me to share the parts of our stories that he permits. Scripture confirms this many times, but my favorite example is in revelation 1211. We conquer him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimonies. How amazing is this? The enemy is conquered because of Jesus sacrifice and our testimonies. God's work within us. Another example of testimonies that the lord has used to encourage my heart is from Luke two 15 and 16. This is where the angels appear to the shepherds to announce the birth of Jesus. It says the shepherds looked at one another and said, let us go. They had no hesitation to move on behalf of the truth, God had just entrusted to them. Likewise, we are called to confidently trust the lord. God was faithful then, and he is still faithful now. Leading directing and nudging us to move on behalf of the truth he shares with us. Living with the perspective that everything given to us is something entrusted to us by God will change the way we live. It will remove pride and entitlement from our hearts. It will remind us that we serve a God who wants us to know him

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