Trish Regan Discusses Sky-High Inflation Under Biden


She's Trish Regan, welcome back to America first host of the Trish Regan show. Go to Trish Intel dot com. Follow her on Twitter. When do we start? Do we start with a 110 LA 4.3 million workers criminal jobs in August or inflation? Well, we can start on inflation since the last that's the last one you mentioned. Yeah, this is, look, I've been talking about it now for about a year by concerns about inflation. And I'd been saying, it's here it's getting worse. And, you know, look, I don't want to be proven right on this, believe me. Seth, I don't because this is so bad for your average American family, struggling to make ends meet. Now, prices are up. Energy prices are up 24%. You've got diapers up 14%. Food up so much. So this is hurting people. This is really bad, but what we saw reflected in these numbers is that once again, inflation is sky high, it's a sky high for 6th straight month. Hi, basically it's January. And look, I mean, there's no way around this. We're right back in a 1970s style economy again. And I hate to say it, but it's bad policy, bad policy choices have

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