The Paradigm Shift From Science to Religion


Stephen, you believe, and I also believe that we're at a we can call it a tipping point a paradigm shifting inflection point in western culture where over the decades, the arguments for God have become so strong that with books like yours and others, there's a shift going on. Now, you're really, you're in a world where you talk to actual scientists, do you find that scientists are out there are quietly saying yes, this seems clear, the arguments in your book return of the God hypothesis are compelling. What do you, what do you hear out there in that world? Yeah, I do think there's a shift going on. I was very pleasantly surprised that some of the endorsements that came back from for the book from scientists to whom the publisher had sent it. And very prominent people and Nobel laureate, you mentioned professor Jim tour at rice university. It was one of the top organic chemists in the world and nano and nanotechnology specialist. We've had them. Scientists recently who's come to affiliate with our work at discovery Institutes with top paleontologists in the world who sometime between 2009 and 2016 had a big rethink of the materialistic Darwinian perspective that he had long held and embrace the theory of intelligent design and eventually publicly announced that he had become a theist and indeed even a Christian and be Gunther Beckley a great German paleontologist. Where is he in Germany? He was at the Stuttgart museum of natural history, the largest Natural History Museum of curator there. It was made somewhat unwelcome after he announced that he supported intelligent design. Well, does this get to the idea though that you still have it's just fascinating to me that there are people that say, no, no, no, you can't talk about that. I just find this fascinating because look, we saw this in Galileo's day, right? Galileo says, hey, I've got some evidence here. He was a Christian. Anybody who wants to talk about that in my book, he was a profound Christian. And he says, look, look at the telescope here, the evidence, and they said then, no, no, no, we can't talk about that. That's unseemly, that's preposterous. It's offensive, it's blasphemous. The same thing is happening today. A guy like gunter Beckley tremendous credentials, tremendous credibility in that world. The moment he seems to side with you or people who are theists, suddenly the German scientific world says we don't like you anymore. And also Wikipedia. He was a great paleontologist until he announced this, and then his page was erased. But, you know, I'm really undeterred by that because this thing is catching on worldwide. And it's a bit immodest but for people who wonder, go to my web page, look at the book endorsement. It's amazing the breadth of scientific the breadth of the scientific opinions that have been lodged in favor of this idea that science is pointing

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