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Up with violent crime They're fed up with being carjacked at gas stations They're fed up with street racing Some things need to change And I look forward to talking to the mayor letting about that Kemp and Dickens spoke briefly the day after election day and plan on working together in the future Raul valley W a B news Lifeline animal project says its facilities into cabin Fulton counties are in crisis mode Alex helmet has more The pandemic started with shelters nearly full then empty crates for a period as folks adopted during lockdown Then full again as people went back to work or financially couldn't take care of their pets Add to that a lower than expected adoption rate over Black Friday weekend Supply chain issues causing pet supply delays fewer volunteers and overcrowded shelters Lifeline officials say the biggest need is for foster families or adopters and now through Sunday the facilities are waving adoption vet and microchipping fees after receiving a large anonymous donation Alex I'll make WAB news There's more local news at W ABE dot org Support for NPR comes from NPR stations Other

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