A highlight from 2021 Netflix Christmas Preview #1 (Feat. Alonso Duralde & Jacks)

Deck The Hallmark


Thought oh boy another friday. Another opportunity to talk about Christmas a couple of my favorite people. Lonzo drags welcome back to the. This is becoming a thin. It's true it's a regular. It's a regular friday night thing it really is. I mean who. Who else would you rather spend. Friday's with i can. I can't think of anybody We are talking net flicks today. Netflix announced their slate. And so since we still have no more hallmark to talk about a week out here we are talking about netflix. But you know what. I'm okay with it. Because i imagine alonzo probably sometime in twenty twenty two. We will watch at least one of these together for the show i would. I would like to think so certainly Yeah i mean. I think you know heaven knows we Well i bring that. I know that we have to do the the the princess which Third and the tragically the christmas in california's second one if only to close the loop on ones. We've already talked about obama on the monday show or a completion est. There's nothing there's nothing we can do about. It is that you can't leave the kelly. That's up hanging jacks. You set it in your intro that you're going to have time this year. What is your experience. Been like thus far with netflix. Christmas movies. Have you been able to to dive so now i the only one that i watched was the happiest season and that was hulu hulu so back it up the only non hallmark christmas. The only none hallmark christmas movie. Tv one that. I watched last season. The happiest sees that no to answer. I did not watch any that. Yes it was a good choice to watch that he's then. I guess that. I've not watched any netflix. Any princess switch. Movies with vanessa hudgens. No christmas prince low. Oh you have a bounty awaiting you about thi and theft catch on. Evidently the christmas prince is like that. It was so weird like you. The three of us have been paying attention to home except for ages now and then. Christmas prince landed on netflix. Everybody's like what. Is this a royal christmas rom com with somewhat low budget a production values. I've never seen the like. I'm like no there's a million of these every year.

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