Joe Rogan Grills Sanjay Gupta Over CNN's COVID-19 Coverage


Joe Rogan had CNN's medical correspondent on his podcast the other day, Sanjay Gupta, and he just eviscerated the guy. Because she and in lied about Rogan, Rogan got COVID as so many people have. Heck, I'm waiting for my positive test. I swear it's a miracle I haven't gotten it yet. And maybe it's my weekly Ivermectin. I don't know, maybe it's not. Maybe I've just got I've been lucky. Maybe the vaccination? I'm waiting to get back by antibodies test. I'll tell you what it is, just so you know, 'cause I'm curious about if a march Johnson & Johnson vaccine gave me sufficient antibodies here in mid October. I don't know. So I'm curious about all of it. But I'm also just fascinated by the way hydroxychloroquine. Ivermectin, I guess, Regeneron, are the monoclonal antibodies controversial? Are people arguing about that? If a doctor prescribes a medication to you, why does anybody else outside of your life care what your doctor prescribes to you? Why? It's gonna make him be crazy. Anyway, Rogan gets doctor Gupta on and says, hey, uh, Sanjay. Why did your network lie? And they did, they pretended that Rogan was taking a horse dewormer. You see there's Ivermectin, I guess that is available from veterinarians veterinarians that are for de warming animals. That's not the same Ivermectin that comes in typically three milligram doses that are human consumption. An anti Parrish antiparasitic drug that studies have shown can be effective with COVID. And there's a debate about that, I guess, and there's other studies that say it's not. I mean, okay, what do you care when I put in my

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