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And at Bloomberg quicktake He's a Bloomberg business lash From Bloomberg world headquarters I'm Charlie peck Steep losses for the U.S. stock market we've got the Dow the S&P nez stack bouncing along the bottom right now right to the numbers we'll give you the Y in a moment here it is Jobs Friday the S&P down 64 a drop of 1.4% The down down 228 lower by 7 tenths of 1% as stacked down 396 lower by 2.6% but at a stack 100 index found two and a half percent Russell 2000 down 2.4% Stocks are extending their weekly slide as traders weigh a mix drop support against prospects for stimulus unwinding by the Federal Reserve They're also keeping an eye on the COVID variant right now we've got the tenure up 26 30 seconds ten year yield 1.35% Spot cold up 7 tenths of 1% advancing $13 to 1781 and West Texas intermediate crude oil down 7 tenths a 1% a WTI right now is at 66 O two barrel Recapping a cell off on Wall Street losing weak right now the S&P is down 69 down one and a half percent I'm Charlie palika Bloomberg business flash All right Charlie

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